Scott Reed

Scott Reed

Name: Scott Reed
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 117 LBS
  • Era of Steampunk
Win/Loss Record 0-0

Scott's DeckEdit


1x Steampunk Aristocrat

1x Steampunk Ω Unit

3x Steampunk Warrior

2x Steampunk Mistress

2x Steampunk Pyro

2x Steampunk Alchemist

2x Steampunk Beast

1x Steampunk Shield Girl

2x Steampunk Sharpshooter

2x Steampunk Scarecrow

2x Steampunk Medic


2x Operation Genesis

3x Industrial Jungle

3x Out of Ammo

2x Patient Strike

1x Complete Devastation

2x Mark of Duty

3x Similar Blueprints

2x Terraforming

Synchro Monsters:

1x Steampunk Breaker

1x Steampunk Foretress

1x Steampunk Behemoth

1x Steampunk DracoMech

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