He prefers to be called by his nickname, Yama.

Name: Yamaguchi Taiki
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 125 LBS
  • Cosmic Storm
Win/Loss Record 0-0

Yama's DeckEdit


Zodiac Beast - Taurus the Warrior

Zodiac Beast - Cancer the Prince

Zodiac Beast - Gemini the Chaos

Zodiac Beast - Pisces the Shield

Zodiac Beast - Capricorn the Noble

Zodiac Beast - Aeries the Mad Dog

Zodiac Beast - Libra the Scholar

Zodiac Beast - Scorpio the Bandit


Wander Wisp

The Creator

Star Psycher


Stellar Field


Mystical Space Typhoon

Star Incubator

Galaxy Cleaver

Gigantic Space-Time Reactor

Unstable Matter Dispersal

Blessing of the Zodiac

Mirror Force

Anti-Matter Trap Hole

Oxygen Levels Low!

Gravity Star

Curse of the Zodiac

Wrath of Deity

Solar Absorbtion Unit

Extra Deck:

Zodiac Beast - Leo the Emperor

Zodiac Beast - Aquarius the Empress

World-Eater Galaga

Deity Cosmose

Zodiac Beast - Virgo the Innocent

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